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Pleasant Care Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy specializing in cosmeceuticals and dermatologics. We work closely with you and your special skin concerns to formulate customized, scientifically advanced skincare solutions. 

Some of our most popular compounds include:
  • anti-aging solutions
  • antioxidant skin creams for skin nourishment
  • brightening creams
  • ultra emollient moisturizers to combat the harshness of winter
  • hypoallergenic creams for sensitive skin

Looking for other customized treatments? We can create medications for dermatologyhormone therapydentistrypain management, and sports medicine.

Call us for your consultation. We are available Monday through Friday to answer your questions.

Thank you to our visitors at the Community Health Fair at University of San Francisco on March 4th! Feel free to contact us with any questions about skincare, the pharmacy, or compounding. See our photos here and on Facebook!
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Personalized Solutions

A Peek into Pleasant Care


by Neda Nguyen on 04/10/14

     One of the most common skin condition that many people present with, and the very skin condition that inspired Chau’s journey with personalized cosmeceuticals, is eczema.

     As described by the American Academy of Dermatology, eczema is a general terms for describing some skin conditions that involve swelling and discoloration. It’s often classified as dry, itchy, and blistering. Eczema can be called “dermatitis”, but there are many skin conditions with this broad category as well. According to the AAD, some conditions that are often called eczema include:

·      Atopic dermatitis—most likely to present in children; itchy and rashing

·      Contact dermatitis—irritation from contact objects that cause irritation or allergic reaction. This category can include reactions from poison ivy/oak as well as reactions from mechanical irritation; I will do a longer blog on this later on, with more educational info

·      Hand eczema

·      Dyshidrotic eczema—typically on hands and feet, causing burning and itching

Eczema can appear and react differently with every individual, as well as pop up at different times in life. It can flare up and get aggravated by many different environmental and lifestyle factors—which can vary amongst individuals. So it’s good to know your personal triggers in order to avoid them!

There can be a wide range of triggers, ranging from food allergens, weather differences, humidity extremes, microbes, household or environmental allergens, and other common irritants in hygiene products (soaps, shampoos, etc).

Many people use a variety of different methods in hopes of relieving the eczema itch: prescription medications, over the counter options, herbals, etc. Common feedback includes complaints that medications are not effective, very messy or expensive, and cause unwanted side effects.

·      Non-pharmacologial options: bathing, moisturizing, avoiding personal triggers, use of a humidifier, avoid allergens and skin breakage

·      Pharmacological options

o   Topical corticosteroids—effective at reducing inflammation, but can have harsh, unwanted side effects when used chronically (thinning of the skin, etc)

o   Topical calcineurin inhibitors—reduce rash/itch

o   Alternative suggestions include phototherapy, psychodermatology, and others

     Other than the importance of bathing and moisturizing, it is difficult to create a one-size-fits-all protocol for treating ALL eczema without first becoming more familiar with an individual case, the skin tendencies, and their triggers. Compounding pharmacies (such as us here at Pleasant Care) can provide affordable and personalized alternatives to harsh trial-and-error commercial product pathways that many people attempt (usually unsuccessfully) to self-treat with. Pleasant Care specializes in dermatology and skincare products, customized to each individual and their own skin concerns (as well as their budget!), and offers FREE consultations!

Back from Break with Skin Updates

by Neda Nguyen on 04/03/14

Hello skincare enthusiasts!

It has been a while since I’ve posted a blog entry, but I assure you I am still alive and well. Being in pharmacy school, we had final exams and then I was traveling for spring break so I apologize for being so out of it. On that note, I think it is relevant to discuss some skincare issues that came up over finals and break: stress and climate change. Stress (at least for me) leads to major breakouts, all while I seem unable to stop constantly touching my face when I am really anxious. However, I did feel that my skin cream helped to keep things under control with my skin, because I usually have some pretty severe breakouts around finals time. Traveling can also really mess with your skin. Jade had a fantastic spring break in Europe (yes, we are all very jealous), but airplanes are very dehydrating, and drastic climate changes can throw off your skin’s equilibrium. Keeping up with the skincare regimen, and making sure to moisturize periodically can really do wonders for the skin. Chau has actually developed her own moisturizer and lotion, which are intended for extensive moisturizing especially for those with eczema. I will do another blog specifically about dry and eczema, which are very common skin conditions.


Additionally, I wanted to give you all a little snapshot of my own personal skin progress so I have included a couple pictures of myself. A couple weeks ago, I came down with a pretty bad cold, causing me to breakout a lot around and under my nose. Some of the scars from those breakouts are visible in these pictures. I am not wearing any makeup at all, and these photos are very close up, but I wanted to give a good view of the scars along the sides of my face which are considerably lighter/fading these days.

Adolescent Acne

by Neda Nguyen on 03/09/14

I think most of us can agree that adolescence was one of the most awkward times in our lives, and the inevitable acne outpour that comes along during this time does nothing to boost the self-esteem. While the worst of my own acne days are (hopefully!) behind me, my little sisters (Nadia, 16, and Hana, 13) are just about reaching that phase in their lives. When I told Nadia about my internship at Pleasant Care Pharmacy, and explained what we do, she was really excited to try it out for herself. With a few minor acne breakouts, and nothing to lose, Nadia insisted on testing out a personalized product too. I worked with Chau to compound a cream (in addition to her face washing regimen) for Nadia that will try to target her existing acne. Her main concerns include her recent acne and oily "T-zone". Some of the ingredients in Nadia’s cream include niacinamide, biotin, lipoic acid, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide. In contrast to my own (as well as Jade and Elena’s) cream administration, he has been using her cream as more of a spot treatment rather than on the entire face. One week into her regimen, Nadia claims that her acne is starting to “get smaller”—which I think implies that her acne is drying up and not spreading…a great thing! Here is a picture of Nadia’s skin prior to consistently using her new cream. We’ll keep you updated :)